Constructed by the family of Mesa’s first mayor, Alexander MacDonald, this house remains a nostalgic testament to the history and antiquity of Mesa. Carrying on the tradition of deep family values, Alexander passed this home to his son, James. He and his wife had nine children, more than filling the home. In applying for the necessary permits to build an extension, the home was recorded as the James A. MacDonald House, beginning its documented heritage.

In fitting with regard to traditional values, a portion of this enduring and historic home is now a place of respite, where people can share a quiet moment of friendship and reflection, aside from the chaotic hustle, bustle of our modern world. In 1994, the home was purchased by a private party, historically restored, and adapted for use as the “Antique Wedding House”, a wonderful way for new couples to recognize the importance of family lineage, as they begin forming their own.

This historically rich home is available to you, launching your journey into the unwritten future. Our home, outdoor courtyard and gazebo are a beautiful Shangri-la in which to exchange your vows. Jumping back to an early 20th century ambiance, for a perfect beginning and celebration of your new lives together.